Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Morning Coffe.... and Other Exciting News!

Good morning lovelies! Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start a great day...!! And although I love  great coffee,  I have never perfected the art of brewing it. That is the reason I was so excited when Green Mountain choose me as one of their K-Cup Ambassadors!! As part of their program,  they sent me a Keurig Brewing System and a box full of different coffee flavors to taste...!!! I know AMAZING! To say that I have fallen crazy in love with it is an understatement! I literally can't get enough of how simple and practical it is, there is no extra cleaning, no burned coffee and you can actually have the best coffee in literally two seconds. From all the different flavors I tested I love their Hazelnut flavor coffee.

Do you Keurig? What is your fav flavor? If you do, stay tuned as I'll be having giveaways and special discounts to share with you guys!!

Long are the days that I had to wait for my husband to wake up and brew some good coffee...!!! {and he is also super happy because he gets to sleep in}.

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Heba said...

congratulations!! thats so amazing :)


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

my friend got in on that same thing - she ended up with 3 of those coffee makers !!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

tierneyW said...

Green Mountain is definitely my favorite brand for the Keurig - especially the French Vanilla, so smooth! - you have to try it!

Karena said...

Oh I am a coffee addict!! I definitely could use the Green Mountain Keurig!!

Art by Karena

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Laura Trevey said...

We have a Keurig coffee machine - and I cannot live without it now :)

Very exciting!!


emc said...

i have a keurig but its soooo old, i need a new one! but i do love the single cup brewing system. i have the cup that you can fill with your own ground coffee. i like using it cause its less trash than the k-cups.


kensingtoncreations said...

I also love the Hazelnut! It's so delicious!

sécia said...

I'm so jealous!

♥ sécia

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