Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Lovely Things: Breakfast Nook + Patio Corner


It has been one of those days of non stop meetings, dealing with clients expectations and juggling motherhood... but something about a relaxing breakfast nook and a cute patio corner to calm my senses! How was your day? Hope it was filled with special moments!

{Image via Chris Barrett}


house of earnest* said...

I completely agree with the breakfast table being relaxing. There is something about the early morning and the sunshine being so delicate and soothing. I hope your day turned out wonderful!

Zsa Zsa said...

That breakfast nook looks lovely! I can imagine myself sitting there, enjoying my coffee and fruits! :)

Caroline Boneham said...

I adore this vibe! So relaxed and organic. Hope you got a chance to have a moment of calm! C

Meredith Howard said...

I love the feel of a cozy banquette. I really want to do that in my kitchen.

- Meredith

Ash Perez said...

I love the banquette seating! It's so relaxed and effortlessly chic. I'm thinking of doing this in my new condo. Any tips?


Kimberly said...

This is so beautiful and looks so calm. As soon as the summer sun is out, it's funny how we all take garden pictures. A way to immortalize a moment of calm right! (Just added garden pics myself)

Just discovered your blog and I love it!

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