Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY: Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet

Since I got great feedback from my previous DIY bracelet post... I thought that you might like this chain bracelet tutorial that allow you to combine silver and gold! This season is all about more is better when it comes to making a wrist statement!

Here is the step by step:

Supplies: Gold and silver chain from M&J Trimming,
Rhinestone, Black Suede rope, pliers, bracelet closure. Click below for the steps.

Tie together the two pieces of chain (two chain should be the same size links so they match up when weaving rope) with a double knot.

Start by weaving together the first link of the chains.

Place the rhinestones in between the two pieces of chain and begin weaving all three.

Continue weaving down the chains, pulling the rope tightly between each link.

Using your pliers, remove any extra links so all three chains line up. Double knot at the end.

Tie the closures on each end. Trim excess rope.


{Images and tutorial via I Spy DIY, First Image via The Man Repeller}


Nicole said...

Wow, great idea!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Liesl said...

How FUN with a side of bling!

Liesl :)

Heba said...

I love the idea so much :)

nessabirdie said...

I am so excited; I need to do this ASAP!!!

Maryam said...

Love this!!

Thanks for sharing!

xo, Maryam

Shay said...

Such a cute idea!!

Patty Ocampo said...

brilliant! :) I'll do this! :)

Andrea Reh said...

This is ridiculously cool. Heading to the craft-supply shop this weekend.

Andrea x

Karina said...

i love this idea! the bracelet makes a real statement paired next to your watch! very fun, very chic!


classiq said...

Love this! And the dress, oh the polka dot dress is so lovely!

sécia said...

Great DIY! Very cool.

♥ sécia

David Diaz said...

I love this D.I.Y.! Definitely going to do it! :D

Have a Good Day!


mmarthaac said...

Your tutorials are the best! So helpful, so trendy and so creative!

Funky Fraîche said...

sooo dope <3

Funky Fraîche said...


Katie @ girl gone north said...

So cute. Way to give J. Crew a run for their money! :)

Lala Ismerim said...

Great idea!!!

The Art Type (n.): said...

Wow that came out beautifully!

The Art Type (n.): said...

That came out beautifully!!

Jaclyn said...

This looks so simple and the bracelet is amazing. It definitely looks like an expensive piece you could buy. Definitely trying this over the weekend.

Cafe Groenhout said...

I found this on Pinterest and am dying to give it a try. Would you mind sharing what size (mm) chains you used? I love the width and think it compliments your watch nicely!

Kaylie in Japan

Ashley Murphy said...

So genius! This DIY project is definitely on my list for this weekends projects. Thanks!

Ashley xo

Hilary said...

Love this! Thanks for the DIY, I will have to try this if I can find appropriate supplies :)

x Hilary

carolyncjam said...

i would love to start, what size chain, etc did you use?

Savy owner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

this is stunning, thanks for breaking it down step by step! just the tip on braiding the couple of chains is awesome!
can't wait to try this,

Kristen said...

omg so cute!!!! Something totally worth DIYing...

Anonymous said...

I need to know what millimeter size of chain you used. I can not find it in any craft or hardware store.

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