Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real People, Real Jewelry Display {Necklaces}



From spray painted vintage frames in different sizes with screen mesh, or hooks or simple pushpins against the frame; to crystal knobs {love the ones from Anthropology}, to a towel rack with shower hooks, or simply just hooks against the wall... there is so many creative ways to decorate a space and organize your necklaces!! Which one is you favorite?

I am definitely having fun with this new series about real life organization inspiration... hope you are linking it!! More posts from this series:
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Heba said...

oh couple days ago I was thinking that I wanted to organize my necklaces , thanks for these inspiring ideas :)

Marsha Martinez Eye Candy said...

I could look at pics like this all day! I sell Stella & dot jewelry and have collected beautiful pieces, one prob is most jewelry needs to be store, so I would have to pick the last pic of the jewels behind closed doors! Beautiful!

Jen S. said...

I love that first jewelry display....I posted that one on my blog too....from pottery barn right?


Maria Maria Maria said...

LOVE this! I currently have my earrings hanging from bamboo slated placemats hung on the wall. This is such a cuter way!


Jaclyn said...

I love jewelry displays like this. It's always great to see everything out and hanging, it makes such great decoration.

Miss Flying V said...

These are great, I love them all!

xx Viola

Taylor said...

these are AWESOME. I just may have a new project this weekend...thx for sharing :)

Elle said...

this really is very clever, good to look at as well !

rosepetalsandlace said...

I love how the frames keep the keep the jewellery contained. Its like a unique and ever changing peice of art. I love it.

rosepetalsandlace said...

I love how the frames keep the keep the jewellery contained. Its like a unique and ever changing peice of art. I love it.

Mode Haven said...

great've just given me so many great ideas for my room...moved into an apartment and need to reorganize my jewelry and creative wall art...this is a great mix of both!!

Liz said...

Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous ideas! I have so many necklaces that there is never any point in buying a jewelry wouldn't even start to hold them all! I currently use one of those wooden zig zag coat hangers, and so many necklaces are on each peg that they are falling off! I specifically love the 4th picture because of the amount of hooks you can fit on that wrack! I am definitely going to try that.
Thanks again!

- Liz

Jennifer Rose said...

I love that the displays are both decorative and functional. My favorite is the light blue frame with the branches. Thanks for sharing these beautiful jewelry organizers. I think I might have to do some DIY this weekend.


Charlotta Ward said...

What wonderful ideas! I love the frames and all the various options you shared here. Brilliant.
x Charlotta said...

love the ideas! definitely gave me motivation!

Rhonda said...

Love, love everything!! You have inspired me! All my jewelry is a MESS!
I am your newest follower! I hope you will drop by to visit my blog sometime!
Headed to prowl around your great blog!


Jewelry Displays said...

Great use of picture frames and multiple uses for you jewelry, it's a good idea for sure!

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