Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Decor Inspiration: A Serene & Relaxing Space

Love the natural white of the walls against the eclectic and cohesive furniture mix! To add some glam, contrast and depth the designer Sarah Davison, added a dash of black to the decor. Don't you love how there is an element of surprise in every room... that actually enhances the decor without making it feel to heavy?

I saw this apartment previously featured on Vogue Living Au last year, and nothing like a decor that a year later is still relevant and can attest the past of time.

Hope you had a gorgeous weekend! I really needed to take three days and stay as much as I could away from the computer... but I am glad to be back and filled with energy!! How about you, any fun plans this weekend?

{Image via Design*Sponge}


sécia said...

You've got that right! I want to cuddle up with a good book in these spaces.

♥ sécia

claire said...

I love this space! Especially all the flowers and plants they display. It makes it feel super homely x

Jess Bandiera said...

What a beautiful blog and to think I only just found you.

Much Love: Jessie Lauren

Jamie Gone said...

I do love white in interior design, it gives such a great feeling when you are in a white room with the right eclectic accents! I'm so glad you are back!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Seriously, my DREAM home!!!

Neda said...

Beautiful home...everything is just right and not overdone. All of the details are gorgeous!

Zsa Zsa said...

I can stay here all day, love it! I think what makes it really relaxing are the colors and the flowers all over the place. Just lovely!

Amanda Boykin said...

All I can say is....FABULOUS!! I am in love, this blog is such a delight!!

Amanda Boykin


I have missed coming by your blog and this post is just delightful image is my fave. Have a great week and weekend as well.

Lisa x


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