Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food: Grilled Watermelon with Arugula Salad

Summer is almost over... why not say goodbye to summer barbecues and leisure days at the pool with a fresh and tasty salad? If you like arugula, feta, honey,  Dijon Mustard and the tartness of balsamic vinegar with a dash of sweet watermelon you are going to love this salad! You can serve it on a big salad bowl or arrange it on small single salad plates...!! The color combination of this salad bring the best of the last day of summer to your table..!!!

To print the recipe go {here}.

{Image via Neiman Marcus Catalog scanned and edited by myself


Plami said...

Yammy! I want to eat this@

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Mademoiselle Deva said...

so delicious!!!!! yummy!

2Gitanas said...

i have a little doubt cause in the recipe it says to grill the it correct or am I supposed to grill the watermelon? thanks!

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