Monday, September 12, 2011

{late} Weekend Links

How are you lovelies? Hope you had a great weekend! In between play dates for the kids and eating out with the kids... we basically spent the weekend just remembering September 11.... and praying for all the ones that lost loved ones. Explaining everything to Tomas, my oldest 7 years old son, was definitely a challenge.... as I searched for the right word to explain something that even 10 years later is still hard for me to comprehend.

Anyway... on a lighter note, here are a couple of links you might like:

Fashion: Inside Maire Claire Magazine
DIY: How to wallpaper using fabric
Entertaining: Forrest Fest
Diet: 14 Rules for Eating Healthier
Inspiration: In soft hues
Fashion: Wardrobe Rehab
DIY: Alligator Pinata
E-Magazine: Matchbook, Lonny and Styled. are out!

A few posts you might have missed;
Decor: A serene and relaxing home
Food: Strawberry Bruschetta
Flowers: A new bouquet

Thanks for stopping by....!! Let's have a fabulous week!


Laura Trevey said...

Hi Sasha!

Hope you are well, and thanks for these links. Have a great start to your week!!


With love... said...

Have an exquisite week!!
Priscilla Joy

livingmindfulgrace said...

I just discovered your blog and love it! I was wondering if you know what location the photo you posted is of. I want to add it to my must-see list : ) Thanks!

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