Friday, October 14, 2011

DIY: Crystal Neckalce

Good Morning!! With the weather cooling down a little bit I thought this is a great project to tackle on the weekend! Plus it looks super easy...! Have you done any jewelry at home?

Here is the step by step:
You will need:
* wire cutter and pliers,
* chain,
* crystals (with holes),
* eye pins (one per crystal),
* clasp of your choice.

1. Cut chain to desired length.
2. Using pliers, attach a clasp to the end of the chain.

3. Lay out chain and plan where you will attach each crystal.

4. Loop eye pin through the hole in the top of the crystal (wrapping through the chain) and bend pin into circular loop to secure.

5. Repeat step 4 for each crystal.

...and voila you have a fabulous crystal necklace in no time!

{Images and tutorial via Cheetah is the new black discovered via The Glitter Guide}


Laura Trevey said...

** Sparkle ** I love it!!

Pip said...

Very industrious.... and a nice jewellery DIY alternative to friendship bands which are too much the rage in my opinion! Perhaps you can do an outfit post featuring this soon :) Pip xx

Hannah said...

I recently started making my own jewelry as well! It's SO cost effective! I made my own DIY necklace here from the DIY bracelets I made here. Yours is fabulous!! Perfect to dress up any outfit. I hope you do more :)


Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Laura, so nice to see you around! dying to catch up!! Hope everything is going great with you!!

Hannah, that is great! you are super crafty! Congrats!

Pip, ok I'll try! Nice to see you here!!

Plami said...

Great job! The necklace is gorgeous!


Muranoc Chandeliers said...

I never thought that these are DIY necklace. I thought that these are bought straight from deBeers. Beautiful!

Emily said...

just made that necklace last week!! i love it!!

Tammy said...

Where did you purchase this chain?

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