Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY: Louis Vuitton Inspired Peter Pan Collar

Looking for a feminine, chic detail to add to your fall wardrobe? How about this peter pan collar? The talented (and always fabulous) ladies at Honestly... WTF, came up with a step by step that includes even the template.

Here is how to do it:

You will need:
* 2 scalloped edged collar pieces cut from white felt or rubber flannel (pattern downloadable here)
* a single hole punch or leather rotary hole punch
* 1 yard of white ribbon
* a needle and thread
* hot glue gun
* button

1. Using the pattern template, cut out the two collar pieces. Create small holes between each scallop, using the hole punch
2. Overlap the two wider end pieces and push a button through the last two aligning holes. Sew the button in place from the backside.
3. Cut the ribbon into two half-yard lengths. Thread the ribbon through the last hole on the tapered end, place a drop of glue at the tip, and fold it closed.
4. Wrap the collar around your neck and tie it into a bow.

I am so tempted to give it a try this weekend... how about you?

{Images and tutorial via Honestly...WTF}


Aleya Bamdad said...

Very cute! What a great way to add some cuteness to a basic garment.

Megan Hemphill said...

Love it!! Its pinned to my weekend 'to do' list. Such a simple way to bring my clothes a fun twist for fall!

Jen said...

That's awesome! I love peter pan collars on dresses!

The Girl in College

MalanB™ said...

I am loving this DIY. I am going to try this out in the near future

MalanB™ said...

Wow, this is a awesome DIY.

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