Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Flowers + To do list!

... love this list of things to do this Autumn! I am totally committed to it... how about you? I say let's print it and as we check things from the list we embrace all that is special and beautiful about Fall!! I am starting today with breath deeply...!!!

{Image 1. Via Martha Stewart Living scanned and edited by myself 2. Champagne Bubble}


Alicia said...

Beautiful fall flower arrangement!!! said...

So nice! I really enjoy walks among the falling leaves... so romantic!

Plami said...

What a great to do list! Maybe I should start making one each month! It would be very motivating :)


Andrea Reh said...

What a lovely list.

Andrea x

Camilla Leila said...

thanks for posting my list! i sat down one day and wrote it out with sharpie and water color and i've already been able to cross a bunch of stuff off! :)

happy fall!

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