Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty How To: Winged Eyeliner + Video

Louis Vuitton PB_2012SS_034
Do you know the makeup look you are going to flaunt this holiday season? How about a simple fresh face accented with classic black winged eyeliner...as seen this year on  on LV Spring 2012 runway show! If you are like me not very crafted in the makeup/eyeliner arena here is a step by step that makes it so much easier! If you are an expert any tip always helps!

Here is a step by step + Video:

Hold the eyeliner like a paintbrush, with your hand positioned near the top and relaxed.
1. Draw a line as close as possible to your eyelash.
2. Extend the line with a thin “tail” past the outer corner of the eye. Be careful not to create the wing before the outer corner of your eye, or it won't look natural.
3. Fill in the wing with the thickness of your liking. A thinner line will extend your eyes, whereas a thicker wing will open up the eye (or make them seem rounder).
4. Finish the liner by starting near the tear-duct and meeting the original line, keep this line more thin so your eyes appear to tilt upward.

* Line as close to the lashes as humanly possible.
* The firmer you press the brush, the thicker the line will be.
* Once you finish lining your eye, do not blink for at least 10-15 seconds to allow the liner to dry.

...are you ready to fancy this look this season?

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Amanda Hill said...

I adore winged eyes!

Arleene said...

Winged liner is always welcomed in my beauty routine, and the holidays are a great time to try it out if you never have. If you're a beginner at this try using a gel liner with an angled eyeliner brush first, liquid can be messy and frustrating at first. Once you've got it down graduate to a fluid. Good luck!


Castle Fashion said...

I love this look. You could really not wear mascara at all and still look awesome. :) Definitely going to be trying it when I get new liner.

Castle Fashion

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love this look!

Jamie Herzlinger

Veronica Popoiacu said...

perfect ! i love this makeup!

NICOLE said...

i practice this quite often. great and helpful post


Sell WoW Account said...

this is really awesome!

Rebecca @ white-styled said...

I love liquid eyeliner, but haven't worn it winged for a while. Which brand do you use?
My favourite was Lancome ages ago when they had a blunt brush, but now it is pointed and I find it difficult to apply. MAC has a blunt brush, but their liquid eyeliner always turns turn thick and gluggy.

Ambyr said...

I love it. I was trying to figure out how to give my makeup a similar look yesterday, but failed. Haha, I'm not going to try again!


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classiq said...

Thank you for sharing this. How fabulous!

Megan Hemphill said...

I do a winged eye at least once a week - love it so much - and this is how I do mine! It's good to know when you're doing something right!

Daily Cup of Couture said...

LOVE this look!!


Plami said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I love wearing black eyeliner!



Treadgold said...

Read my mind! I have been wanting to try this look and will be buying myself some liquid eyeliner and practicing soon...thanks!

Three Haute Mamas said...

A dramatic eye just seals the deal in my opinion! Still on search for perfect liquid liner though..thoughts?

Kimberley said...

I love it! Do you also have winged eyeliner?:)

xo Kimberley

Paolita@BerryHaute said...

fascinated with this look at the moment, so easy too!

yvo said...

what a nice blog you have

soffi said...

i love it. thanks for sharing.

coleen~ said...

I love the look as well and your tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. My problem is that I am starting to get some crows feet, which seem to mess up the "wing". Any suggestions or hints?

cbee said...

I swear by Lancome artliner in Black. I've been using it since I was 17 and the formula has always been amazing. thanks for these great tips!

Make Up For Women said...

I Love this look! Very inspiring! xoxo

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