Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY: Giovanna Battaglia's Beaded Button Down Shirt

Remember this post when I mentioned this shirt was screaming DIY!! Weel the fabulous ladies at Honeslty WTF did it one more time and here is a step by step on how to get Giovanna Battaglia's shirt...!!! Great weekend project...

You will need:
* a button down shirt
* a mix of metal, plastic or glass beads {my recommendation is to use glass, plastic is not going to look classy}
* a needle fine enough to fit through the beads
* thread {try to get a color that is similar to the shirt}

Keep the shirt buttoned. Thread the needle with about a yard of thread and tie the ends into a double knot. Push the needle through the backside of the middle of the placket.

Slide a bead onto the needle and bring the needle back through the fabric on the other side of the bead. Continue sewing beads onto the fabric using this running stitch.

After adding 5-6 beads, secure the stitch by tying off the thread with a double knot. This helps reinforce the stitch, especially with the weight of the beads. If the thread is long enough, continue to stitch on another group of beads. If the thread runs out, go ahead and cut the thread and start again with the first step.

Continue adding beads in small groups along the placket.

Stop 3/4 of the way down.

Doesn't it look fabulous? I hope is as easy as it looks because I'm definitely trying this!

* If you know on Giovanna's shirt she also has the collar beaded... in case you want to go all the way!

{Images and tutorial via Honestly WTF}


stopmeifyouveheardthisone said...

This really does look easy...I am gloriously tempted to try it.

~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

Kimberley said...

They have lovely inspiration! enjoy your weekend girl!
xo Kimberley |

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

LOVE this DIY - Looks amazing!

MsAprilFish said...

I will try this tomorrow! Loving it!

emma said...

Wow, how wonderful. It really looks great!

Best wishes from Germany.

kate xx said...

Love this! what a fabulously refreshing DIY! love it! :) x

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