Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guide to Paris: Books & Apps

If you are planning a trip to Paris... here are my recommendations on what books and  apps you can read and get before your trip.

Books: from all the books I bought before the trip {and believe I bought too many...} the ones I recommend are:

Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange: I actually got this book when it came out and love it! Of course it doesn't hurt that I look p to Ines de la Fressange since I was a little girl!!  The first section is about style in general {great chic tips} and the second part was my bible for the trip... from where to eat, to great not that well known Museums {like the Musee Marmottan Monet}, to where to do some trendy shopping or great vintage shopping {she even share Doursoux, the mecca for real military vintage shopping!}, to the best places to eat {Cafe de Flores, La Fontaine de Mars, etc}. Her writing is very personable and she has great tips thorugh out her book! I would say a MUST READ if you are going to Paris, and a GREAT TO HAVE if you just want to read a book on style.

Stuff Parisians Like by Oliver Magny: I actually downloaded this book on my Ipad and read it on the plane and through out the trip. You won't find any addresses or places to go but it's a great book to get in the mind of Parisians..... and gain some insight into their habits and idiosyncrasys... like how to order water in perfect Parisian {A San Pe... !}, or when to use the word "putain", to how to behave on the Marche... the Parisian way, to the newspaper, etc,etc,etc. I love all the phrases at the end of each chapter...!! I even tested some of the things I read and it seem they where right on target.

Markets of Paris by Dixon and Ruthanne Long: If you want to do some vintage shopping {as I did},  find some great fabrics at fabulous prices or those rare shops this is a great mini book! It's organized geographically so unless you are looking for something specific I would just try to focus in the area where you are going to be living and discovered the little shopping gems Paris has to offer. I think I will travel with this little book to Paris...!

Apps: There aso many many great iphone/ipad/android applications... and I found them to be extremely helpful to just get around walking, by bus, on metro! The ones I recommend are:

Around Me: It's great when you are looking for the last minute cafe, or want a metro station or the bank. The only thing is you need wi-fi so it was not 100% reliable but I totally recommend it for your phone.

Paris 2 Go: It's a great guide for Paris with great wikipedia articles. The best part is that you don't need to be online so you alwys have acces to the map, metro map,etc.

Paris on Foot: It's great is you are planning on discovering the city walking specially if you get to one point and are ready to go somewhere but don't know exactly where. If you know where you are going Around Me is better. The downside is again you need to be online.

The Paris Apartment: If you are planning to do just a little bit of vintage shopping this is a great mini application. It tells you what market to go, what time of the year and exactly what metro or bus takes you there! Thanks to this application I ended up on a Saturday morning on Marche aux Puces de Porte de Vanves and run into Catherine Denueve, seen here {thanks to the recommendation of this app}. You can visit Claudia's blog here..the author!

Any books, apps you recommend?

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Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

I found "Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris" very helpful!

Also, to prepare myself for the sometimes-maddening culture of Paris, I enjoyed reading David Leibovitz's book "The Sweet Life in Paris" before going.

Anna said...

They aren't specifically for Paris (although the feature on Paris is great), but the Louis Vuitton Guide books are amazing and cover most major cities around the world!
Thanks for the helpful info!

karina said...


emma said...

Thanks, very helpful!

classiq said...

What a great post, Sasha! Ines de la Fressange's book is a great guide, it's such a delight to browse through it every now and then and I'll make sure I'll pack it for my trip to Paris, soon I hope. Thank you for all the other recommendations. :)

Carol said...

I'm going to spend a month in Paris next year, this post was really helpfull! Thank you ;D

Ladyvivace said...

Thanks for your books and apps. I Please take a look at my Paris bookshelf...after many visits, I still love every minute I spend in France!

ALso my Pinterest board Fisher France has some images you might enjoy --- said...

Thanks for you article, nice to discover knew way to visit my town !

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