Friday, November 18, 2011

Real People, Real Closets {Shoes} Part ll

I have seriously been considering getting a vintage chest and taking some of my shoes out of the closet in full display..!! In the meantime, I still need to organize my closet.....! Here is some inspiration from real closets on how to keep the shoes tidy and organized. {BTW this is probably one of my longest posts ever..}

More pics after the jump.

Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 9.43.24 AM

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What is your way or organizing your shoes today?

{Images via THe Selby, The Coveteur, ManReppeller, Sea of Shoes, Lonny, Pinterest, Chriselle Glitter Girl, Freunde von Freunden, The Glamourai}


house of earnest said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea!

Canoe Design said...

I have always wanted to have my shoes in clear boxes with polaroids...something so chic about it. Not to mention that it heightens the importance of ones shoes!!
Thanks for the inspiration!

emma said...

I love this series! And especially the first closet. Wonderful.

amarinsd said...

I love seeing all the shoe closets. Just a few weeks ago i finally got my walk in room and had to make a decision about my shoes. I don't have many so i went for a drawer in the closet itself. But looking at these pictures makes me change my mind and change it ánd buy more shoes!

Castle Fashion said...

Hahaha! Is it weird that I recognize Jane and Kelly's closets? I remember seeing them on their blogs :P

One day I'll have a badass closet too.

Castle Fashion

Hannah said...

What I wouldn't give for a shoe closet...

Sigh. I feel like my outfits would just be way better if I could see what shoes I own. Haha.

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Jennifer Rose said...

I love this so much. Who knew I was such a shoe storage voyeur. I couldn't stop looking. My favorite solution was the glass display cabinet, such a beautiful and functional thing.

Aga said...

Love it!

Adding the finishing touch said...

I love this. All fabulous ways to display such gorgeous shoes.

Sing said...

Great post, so inspiring!

Mangotatoes said...

This post makes me insanely jealous! I really need to get started on some shoe organization! I feel like I've been treating my shoes so poorly. lol.


Un coup d'aile said...

i absolutely love the glamourai's closet... and everything actually...

henzy said...

Love everything.. except for everything fab..there i think the shoes are being a bit tortured but everything else is great!

punk said...

I really love the furniture in the first picture. What a classy idea!

Bjorg said...

wow! The first picture is so beautiful!
I also made a blog about shoe addiction:

mina. said...

omg! i looove all the ideas! the vintage closet looks fantastic for my shoes.

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