Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: A Warm and Cozy Knitted Snood + Video

...maybe is because I have been in bed {due to my surgery} more than usual, but I have been craving some crafty and easy stitching of knitting project! And since I am not a super talented a snood is a great way to feel great, do something creative but keep it super simple... plus is the perfect project for those Sunday football marathon that my kids and my husband has been torturing me with!!

Here is a step by step:
You’ll need:
* 10mm straight needles,
* 2 Skeins Rowan 100% Merino ‘Big wool‘ (100g, 87 yds per skein) or any similar alternative,
* Knitter’s needle or tapestry needle.

1. Cast on 24 stitches.

2. Ribbing stitch: knit, yarn over, purl, knit yarn over, purl.... Continue. Turn and repeat.

3. Cast off and stitch ends together. To cast off watch the video below or go {here} for another video tutorial.

...and voila you have a fabulous, handmade snood! It should take aprox 3-5 hs.

{Images and tutorial via Park and Cube, Video via LeafTV}


SomeKindOfStyle said...

have seen and bookmarked this fabulous DIY Video .. have to, no need to make a lovely scarf like this one! ;)

Yasmeen said...

:D I wish I had the tools; it looks so simple...why would you ever buy one!? Lol

Castle Fashion

Josie said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly and hell to the yes for the colour of that scarf.

Cee Cee said...

So crafty, I've always wanted to knit a scarf

xo Cee Cee
@Ceecee's Inspirations Blog

pve design said...

love it. i am making a rowan sweater.
feel better convalescing and knitting yourself back to good health!

Sophie Loloi said...

amazing job! The scarf looks amazing. I think knitting is a real talent because it take a lot of patience and you definitely have it!



Roberta said...

oooh Lovely Blog!

Holly Cromer said...

It's the perfect color! I'm jealous of your patience, I know how to knit but I haven't done it in years.

Ambyr said...

Awww hope you're recovering well. This is a really pretty scarf. I love the color and the thick ribs. Rest up!


Splendid Market said...

beautiful snood .... I didn't know these things had a name. I used to knit and really enjoy it, maybe I'll dig out my needles someday soon. Hope you are recovering. You are using your time wisely.

arecipeforjoy said...

Lovely scarf! I have a heck of a time keeping the tension right and always wind up not being able to get my needles through. I do have one of those ring looms though. Perhaps finding one that fits over my head and doing it that way... hmmm... :D

But. Not a snood. As a medieval reenactor I own several snoods. I googled "snood" and saw a lot of the real thing and a lot of tube style scarves being called snoods. Here's a snood: http://www.snoods.com/metco.html You can also look it up at dictionary.com

Morgan Vucurevich said...

Love this so much. I want to make it, but I am afraid to attempt and mess it up.

Mademoiselle Deva said...

my mum bought me a similar one! it's so warm! i love it!

Jessi said...

That is such a lovely color!! Thanks for the tutorial, I would have to try this!!

Audrey said...

lovely scarf

Fashionable Memories said...

Lovely scarf! I really like the color that you chose. I hope I can be able to knit one day!

classiq said...

That coat and snood have the most beautiful shade of blue. Such a gorgeous pairing! xo

mooose said...

Would there be enough yarn left from the 2 skeins to make a bow detail? Thank you! Love your tutorial!

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