Monday, April 16, 2012

Decor Inspiration: Bettina Prentice NY Apartment + 8 Tips for Making Beautiful Vignettes

After I got over my obsession with her purple and blue velvet sofa and love chair... I noticed that her house is filled with personal vignettes that add that designer zing to any decor! Love creating groupings everywhere in the house... on the kitchen counter, bedside table, coffe table... there's literally endless possibility around the house to create a lovely vignette that will make any room filled more polished and pulled together!

Here are more pictures of her apartment plus eight tips for creating striking vignettes in your home:

1. Display objects in odd numbers. Odd numbers always look better in vignettes that are supposed to be casual and look "natural".

2. Hug What You Love! The idea is for your accessories and vignettes to highlight (hug) your statement pieces (that you love). A very simple way to highlight the shape of the frame is by placing shorter items near the bottom of the frame leading up to the taller arrangement which echoes the height of the frame. The accessories are basically just hugging that corner of the frame to give it more ooomph.

3. The Rule of Thirds. You already know that you should use odd numbers, so the rule of thirds shouldn't surprise you! Everything looks better in groups of three!

4. Choose 3 colors and split the number of items with one color having the most items, and the two secondary colors with an equal amount of lesser colors in the scheme.

5. Varying heights is also important. A good idea is to stack items to create height. You can try shaping your vignette in a V, W, or M. This will ensure that you have various levels of interest.

6. Choose objects to support the style and theme of your room. If your room is formal, a symmetrical design works best. If the room is casual, asymmetrical groupings are better.

7. Stick to a theme. Group candles, for example, or family vacation photos. If the vacation photos are from the beach, add a seashell.

8. Vary the textures of objects. Mix hard and shiny accessories with rough and natural. Use weathered wood or iron architectural elements to introduce an unexpected texture. Photo frames, which come in finishes from shiny enamel to beaded, offer an array of texture options.

What are your secrets for creating stunning vignettes?

{Images via Vogue by Lauren Santo Domingo, photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank}


Inner-Outer Beauty said...

Looks like a home with a lot of personality!

Lolita in the Mix said...

Love it! So inspirational!!



Julie Khuu said...

Love all the color and fabulous prints! That blue room with the ikat pillows is right up my alley...boho chic with a twist of classic tailoring...great tips!

I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS in honor of my blog’s 2yr anniversary…would love for you to stop by and enter to win!

Peace. Love. LOL!


dustjacket said...

Love the tips!

re comment; it's totally fine, you are a sweetheart for mentioning it.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

It's so over the top fabulous!

Tisha Green said...

I'm in love with anything that is Paris and I've seen some gorgeous Paris Vinettes! P.S. Can I just live in this apartment? It's like a dream =)

la petite fashionista said...

i love vignettes! i have so many little trinkets that need a space :)

Stephen Nye said...

Varying heights when it comes to arranging pictures and vinettes on the wall is what will make your space look more natural, not sterile and in strict order. Recently, I became keen of triptychs and I plan to refresh the wall space above the sofa.

Kara said...

I absolutely adore the use of picture frames like that. Part random, part perfection. Equally fabulous.
I am always inspired by such looks for the home!

Kristen said...

Great tips to remember! I just can't take my eyes off both those couches. The color is amaze not to mention they are super chic but still look comfortable.

Audrey said...

What an amazing post, I just book marked this! Her tips are really spot on for her accessories!
A blog for stylish moms despite all the spilled milk!

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

Love love love the art wall behind the sofa!

Fashion Allure said...

Once again unbeliable!! Great looks and nice pictures! Perfect!! :-)

Fashion Ind said...

Beautiful place! Amazing photos!And you look so feminine and gorgeous!!

Vogue World said...

Love the pictures – they are beautiful!

Factory Fashion said...

Beautiful place!Beautiful pics!And beautiful girl!!

Fashion Instyle said...

Beautiful place! Amazing photos!

Noble Fashion said...

Love your blog! And your style. Thanks for sharing it with women.

Layla said...

I have been following your blog for a while. I love the looks you have on your page! Come check out my blog

P.S. Why can't I have a home perfectly styled like hers is? Vogue knows how to pick 'em!


Ali Berger said...

Love, love, love your blog! Seriously caters to all the things I love! So happy I found it, thank you pinterest!


Ali B.
San Francisco Blonde

Marble mantel said...

Thank you so much for such nice tips for vignettes. Sticking to a theme is very important really, otherwise it makes clutter. thanks again.
~ Herman Swan

Gloria Agostina said...

Fabulous blog!
It,s about everything!
I like your blog!

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