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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memories of the Beach

Dreaming of visiting unknown beaches.... where the teal and deep turquoise water combined with whiter than white sand.... relaxes the mind and fuels the spirit! And coming back home and surrounding myself with things, images and colors that remind me of that place completely rough in it's nature but totally calm and serene....!

Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

{Image 1. 2.3.4 Mikkel Vang}
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decor: A touch of Aqua

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I love the softer side of turquoise..aqua! It's not as strong, but still as vivacious and dramatic in a more refreshing way. Aqua encourages a festive and celebratory mood. It’s close association with water conjures the more emotional qualities of fun, letting go and joy....!
I could really use those chairs..

On a personal note, apologize for being so slow on my posts but my youngest son has been ill this I have been doing a lot of TLC...(nothing major just a virus)! Still I am cheering this opportunity of hugging him no end....! They are growing up so quickly...that any opportunity for extra hugs I embrace it with all my heart!

Hope you Wednesday is going great....

{Image via Pink Wallpaper}
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Trend: Coral & Turquoise

Worn alone or together these treasures from mother nature create an appealing choice for every skin tone. Perfect for Spring and summer, these warm and cool shades are perfect to bring some color to your outfits.

2. R.J. Graziano - "Luxury Class" Coral & Turquoise Bracelet $54.95
4. Rings by VIVRE in 5hs went out of stock you can get Currant Hoop Earrings
by Kenneth Jay Lane $45
5. MIU MIU - Matellasse oversized clutch $550
6. Rachel Leigh - Millie’s Dinner Party Necklace in Pink Grapefruit $148
7. Forever21 - Round Neck Slvls Top $4.80
8. GAP- Large Canvas Tote $34.50 
9. R.J. GRAZIANO - Cabochon Stone Necklace $325
10.Michael Kors - Tie Dye Featherweight Scarf $395
11. MYSTIQUE - Coral and Gold Thong $138
12. CND- Hot Pop Blue Nail Color $6
13. Anthropology - Percussion T-Straps $155
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